How to Create a Sales Enablement Drip Campaign: A Pardot Case Study

Many people in the B2B space think that lead nurturing is a tool mainly used by marketing and sales to warm leads and move potential buyers down the funnel.  At Pardot, we find many other uses for this valuable marketing automation feature. We recently covered how we built an onboarding drip campaign for customers new to the product. In addition to customer onboarding, we have also found success using the tool for internal enablement, specifically with our sales teams.

Our Motivation

For the marketing team at Pardot, we see our own sales team as one of our key audiences to share relevant content with, and we want to make sure they have all the resources they need in order to successfully sell the product. This includes educational resources and content pieces that they can learn from and share, including guides, infographics, and ebooks. In addition, we have found a lot of value in providing short, educational videos that share specific information about our product and important advice for each unique selling situation.

We combined all the powers of content, video, and lead nurturing to create a ‘super’ sales enablement nurture program: our Pardot Minute Clinic series. Here’s a little more about how we designed, built, and implemented this particular nurture program:

The Process

Step 1. First, we worked with our sales team to figure out what kinds of information they would find most helpful during their sales cycle. From that, we were able to pull together content that not only helped them learn how to better position the product, but also helped them start the right conversations. We then worked with members of our sales team to film short videos that highlighted these topics.

pardot minute clinic

Step 2. Second, we wanted to make sure that this content was being sent to team members who found it most valuable. To do this, we established an opt-in program using a Pardot form and landing page. We promoted the page internally and encouraged our sales team members to sign up. We were very transparent that they would be subscribing to a drip program and explained the type of content they would be receiving. We started this opt-in promotion two weeks prior to the start date of the nurture so that we would have time to build the recipient list, and we saw significant results in subscription numbers. When someone subscribed, they received an autoresponder email with valuable enablement resources for them.

Step. 3. Third, as we were building the Minute Clinic video emails in the nurture, we made sure to also think about other content pieces that were either aligned to the topic of the video or served as extra enablement. In addition, we added links to specific resources that the sales team could use, such as a Cheat Sheet with all of the key takeaways from the video as well as a sample email template to share the content provided.

pardot minute clinic

Want a look into the type of content we provided? Here some examples of topics in the series:

  1. 3 Pardot Elevator Pitches
  2. Selling Pardot to Sales
  3. Compelling Lead Nurturing Statistics


Since the launch of the nurture program 5 months ago, we’ve seen significant results that show us our internal teams are engaging with the content in a positive way:

Opt-in Autoresponder

88%  Avg Open Rate

51% Click -Through Rate

Minute Clinic Email

78%  Avg. Open Rate

39% Avg. Click Through Rate

Minute Clinic Videos

1,000+ Total Video Views (so far)

87 % Avg. Video Engagement

As an extra bonus, we received feedback from other teams that they also found opting into the nurture valable. For example, our New Hire and Training team encouraged new employees to join the nurture as an additional training program.

3 Enablement Tips from our Marketing Team

1. Meet with your sales team to see what enablement information might be of interest to them. Getting feedback from your audience right off the bat lets you know you are proving valuable information. Continue the conversations even after the nurture starts to ensure you are still sending relevant content.

2. Build your nurture list through opt-ins. This ensures that the recipients are asking for the information you are providing and you will see higher engagement.

3. As your nurture runs, monitor which content gets clicked on and include similar information in following emails. For items not getting high clicks, try switching out with another type of resource. This is a great opportunity to test!

What creative ways have you found to use the lead nurturing capabilities of your automation tool for internal purposes? Let us know in the comments! And if you’re interested in learning about more use cases for lead nurturing, take a look at our Complete Guide to Lead Nurturing by clicking on the banner below!


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