How to Create Better Content with Limited Resources [VIDEO]

Last time on the Smarter Marketing Series, we talked about how businesses with limited resources can build out a robust RSS reader to create a steady stream of content ideas. In today’s video, we’re talking about the next step: what to do with these ideas, and how to turn them into effective, polished content. Check it out!

Turning Ideas into Content

Turning ideas from your RSS reader into blog fodder doesn’t have to be exhausting business (blog posts aren’t term papers, after all), but you can’t just repost someone else’s thoughts either. So take ideas from others and quickly add a little value — here are three ideas on how:

  • Talk history. Discuss how an idea or trend originated, and how it evolved over time.
  • Make predictions for the future. Add your own analysis of where you think a trend is going and why.
  • Add secondary research. Pull in research from another source to offer a different perspective on the topic.

Creating a Polished Finished Product

It may seem unfair, but research shows that the look and feel of content does have a significant impact on whether or not it gets read. Luckily, you don’t have to have a designated graphic designer or a suite of fancy tools to create great-looking, consumable content. Check out free tools like Canva to see how you can create aesthetically pleasing content with minimal effort and budget.

Looking for more info? Check out Mathew Sweezey’s article on Click-z, and be sure to download our Content Creation Guide for worksheets, checklists, and tip sheets on organizing your content strategy.

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