Crank Up Your Content: Your Content Marketing Questions, Answered

Last month, I had the honor of joining Pardot for a webinar about content marketing best practices. My favorite part of webinars like this is always the audience Q&A portion. Unfortunately, we had so much fun that we didn’t get around to answering every single one of your questions. I promised I’d do a follow-up post to get to the rest of your questions – and here we are! If I don’t go into as much detail as you were hoping below, feel free to let me know in the comments or on Twitter @sethwlieberman.

Let’s get started!

Can you give an example of how SnapApp is currently creating different content for different audiences? (Example: on the website, email, social media, etc.)

Our content and demand gen teams are creating a ton of content that gets used across all our different channels. For our website, we add high-value resources like guides and case studies to our resource gallery, organized by content format. We just switched our gallery over to an Uberflip hub that lets us organize by themes as well as content types, making it easier for people interested in different topics to find what they’re looking for.

We also differentiate our content by channel. For social media, we create graphics that go with each post to make our posts stand out in Twitter and Facebook feeds. We will also promote different content in different ways – for example, a recent interactive campaign with a Bachelor theme was promoted heavily on social.

One of the great things about interactive content is that you can tailor the experience for different audiences. Based on how a user answers questions, you can give them a unique outcome that helps them move through their content journey – guiding them to the next logical step.

As a CEO of a company, what is the one best way you stay up to date with the latest B2B marketing techniques?

It’s not really the job of a CEO to stay on top of marketing techniques, but rather trends and thought leadership – because techniques are simply the execution of the idea. I like to read/talk/listen to Content4Demand, SiriusDecisions, Ann Handley, and others. I spend a lot of time talking to other CEOs about the growth challenges they are having and how they are solving them.

Seth, could you go into more detail about your pyramid concept?

On the webinar, I brought up the concept of “content pyramids.” This is an idea our friends at Curata popularized and has been helpful for us when thinking about how to organize and prioritize our content output.

The basic idea of a content pyramid is you focus on a core asset first, then break that asset down strategically to produce related content. Typically that core asset is long-form (like a white paper or research report), and breaks into a few mid-form pieces like webinars or infographics. Then you can break those assets down further into multiple short-form assets like blog posts and interactive content.

It’s a way to think about content repurposing in a way that keeps all your content aligned around the same messages and themes, and reduces work for your content creators.

What’s next?
Check out the on-demand recording of the webinar from last month, and let me know if you have more questions! You can always learn more about what SnapApp does on our website, or see great examples of real interactive content in our examples gallery.

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