Convincing Your Executive Team To Try Marketing Automation

You’ve run an analysis of the options, crunched the numbers, and figured out that marketing automation software is the solution that’s going to revolutionize your pipeline, personalization, engagement, and revenue. Now you just need to convince your executive team to grant you the budget to buy it.

No need to stage a live demonstration with 50 actors representing the personnel power marketing automation software will bring into your office: marketing automation software is such a no-brainer for the success of businesses in today’s competitive landscape, the only thing you should need to get executive buy-in for your purchase is a few facts, a little bit of time, and a change of perspective.

Step One: Gather Advocates

It might have the word “marketing” in the name, but marketing automation software goes far beyond meeting the needs of just one functional team. One of your biggest allies in getting approval for marketing automation software is your sales team, thanks to the many benefits the software can bring to their lead pipelines:

  • Strengthening the product education funnel to reduce or eliminate cold calling
  • Providing lead intelligence to smooth development
  • Creating automated email personalization for sales reps
  • Improving lead scoring accuracy
  • Maximizing value through upselling/cross-selling
  • Aligning sales and marketing goals

Not only does marketing automation deeply benefit your sales team, it can also seamlessly integrate with your existing CRM software, making implementation and training a breeze.

You can also find allies on your product team. Using marketing automation, you can easily follow-up with both customers and non-converting leads to get feedback on your product—insight from the front lines that will help your product team innovate.

For the kicker, get your accounting team (or person) on board. After all, they’re who your C-suite will turn to make sure the software fits into the company’s budget. What will the accounting team gain from marketing automation? Thanks to improved data collection across channels, they’ll have more accurate sales forecasting and more visible returns on investments.

Now that you’ve got your team of allies, it’s time to prepare your argument. First, you’ll need to think like an executive.

Step Two: Get The Perspective

You don’t need to wait for your next one-on-one with your CEO or all-staff meeting to find out what’s on your executives’ minds: it’s the bottom line. Every day in their huddles, your C-suite is discussing profitability and what is likely both at that moment and looking forward to contribute to an increase in profitability or loss of revenue.

The factors that affect that your bottom line are plenty, but growth, competition, productivity, and innovation are likely at the top of the list. Luckily, marketing automation software can have a positive impact on all of these factors.

Marketing automation software provides an incredible amount of data that can give you a detailed view into customer journeys and help identify new opportunities for growth. Marketing automation software not only facilitates growth, it grows with you — providing endless points for integrating new functions and software to continuously streamline processes and create efficiencies as your business moves forward.

In our highly saturated market, any edge over the competition matters. Marketing automation software provides more than a few. The beneficial impact it can have on your speed, segmentation, and relationship building will all advance you ahead of your competitors. You can also use marketing automation to connect on a personalized level with your existing customers, improve retention, and keep them from going over to the competition.

Implementing marketing automation software is like adding multiple team members to your sales and marketing departments at a much lower cost. It sets your existing team members up to do what they do best by automating day-to-day tasks and reducing the need to complete repetitive tasks. It also helps you track how individual sales reps are performing and learn from the success of top producers.

One of the keys to growing profitability is having the foresight to cut your losses in areas of the business that aren’t working, and double down on innovation in areas that work well. With marketing automation software, you’ll have increased insight into the ROI of every source, campaign, and sales or marketing tactic. Your company executives will appreciate having more accurate reporting that shows them when to drop failing revenue streams and focus resources elsewhere.

Marketing automation software also makes testing—the foundation of all innovation—simple and data-centered.

Step 3: Present Your Findings

Now that you’ve got all the facts, make your case. Use the above points to put into words exact use cases for where and how marketing automation could impact your business. If you need inspiration, you can check out case studies as a place to start.

Convincing your executive team to invest in marketing automation software may require a bit of hard work and influencing skills, but in the end, it will be a purchase your entire company will be grateful you have in your back pocket.