Conversions Report


The Conversions Report allows you to see how many net new prospects your site is generating and how many visitors are turning into prospects (as opposed to people you meet at a tradeshow and import into Pardot for example).


To get to this page click Reports > Conversions in the sub-navigation.

Conversion Report

The Conversion Report details conversions by day and shows you a list of all of the net new prospects generated. You can drill down by date to narrow the list of prospects using whatever parameters you like. The graph at the top shows the number of conversions each day and the table below it shows the prospects that converted along with their conversion point and date/time of the conversion.

Metrics Captured

The following metrics are displayed within the Pardot app:

Metric Definition
Conversions Total number of conversions your site has generated
Conversion Point The form, form handler, or landing page that was completed (how they converted to a prospect)
Conversion At The date and time of the form, form handler, or landing page submission when they converted

The following additional metrics are available when exporting the prospect table for this report:

Metric Definition
Source Referrer URL The full URL of the referrer
Source Referrer Vendor The vendor, e.g. Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
Source Referrer Type The type of referrer, e.g. Paid Search, Natural Search, etc.
Source Referrer Query If a paid or natural search referrer, the search query used