Controlling Your Drip Programs

When creating a drip program to nurture your prospects it is vital to remain control over when these drip emails are delivered. In order to remain control, it is best to trigger nurture elements through means by which the marketing team controls rather than the client. The marketing team can’t control when a prospect is last active or last touched by a campaign, but they can control when a prospect is added or removed from a list.

Basing all drip actions through filtering by a list allows for the most predictable drip sequence. This will ensure the scheduled intervals will take place as intended by the marketing team. The criteria for being added or removed from a list can be controlled through various rules like a prospect filling out a particular form or landing page or by entering a certain form field value. This will guarantee that a prospect will begin to receive drip communications at the appropriate time. In addition, prospects can be removed or transferred to another drip program at an appropriate time if they take an action like purchasing the product or move to a different phase of the buying cycle.