Controlling Your Brand Message

One of the features of marketing automation is easy email creation. Often, we only think of using this for large email blasts, monthly newsletters and other mass mailings. Another use that sometimes goes unnoticed is creating simpler, less flashy emails designed to be used as one-off emails by the sales team. Sales users in Prospect Insight are able to send one-to-one emails to their own assigned prospects. They can access any template in the system, making it easy to create universal messaging that anyone can use. This lets marketing retain some amount of control over the messages being sent by your company. It also ensures that proper, tracked links are used.

Here are some tips on creating one-to-one sales emails for your reps:

  • Keep design simple, using a minimal amount of HTML to avoid the feel of a blast email
  • Use casual language and a personal tone
  • Use dynamic personalization to have the message appear to be from each individual rep
  • Because your email will include the automatic spam compliance tags, be mindful of building these into your overall design or email signature

Alternatively, remember that sales reps can also send tracked emails through the Outlook 2007, Thunderbird or Apple Mail plug-ins. Links sent with the plug-in will still be tracked through Prospect Insight.