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As the proliferation of the web continues to create more independent and informed consumers, sales and marketing teams have had to evolve their strategies to cater to a generation of consumers that no longer wish to be “sold” to. Chief among these new strategies is the use of content to move buyers through the sales cycle. Quality content can be effective at every point in the sales cycle, from articles and infographics driving traffic, to ROI and pricing information closing a deal. However, effective content marketing requires multiple touches, timely execution, and careful planning. That’s why we’ve created the Content Marketing Mix to help marketers make sense of their content strategy.

We designed the Content Marketing Mix to help you plan the appropriate channel for distribution as well as the optimal point in the sales cycle to use your content for maximum impact. Of course, this mix will not be an exact match for each industry and sales cycle, but the underlying formulas and basic distribution will remain the same. By putting a strategy and science behind your content mix, you can start to see better-qualified leads, fewer sales funnel leaks, and more closed deals.

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The Content Marketing Mix. Full text version below.

Content Marketing Mix (Text Version)

The task of nurturing a lead to a sales ready state is a complex process that requires leveraging the appropriate content at just the right time. Potential customers require multiple touches to be moved from a state of low purchase intent to a purchasing decision. Each stage in the buying cycle has an optimal communication channel and content type. This Content Marketing Mix is designed to help marketers time their content use appropriately an achieve the optimal balance of nurturing and education to convert opportunities into closed deals. Of course this mix will change slightly by industry and sales cycle, but the basic formula remains the same for all B2B marketers.


Goal: Brand Awareness

Social posts in order of purchase intent from low to high: Social, Infographics, Newsletters, Videos, Articles.

Website/Online: Press Releases


Goal: Product knowledge

Direct contact in order of purchase intent from low to high: Trade Shows, Testimonials

Website/Online in order of purchase intent from low to high: white papers, ebooks, case studies, webinars.


Goal: Closed Deal

Direct Contact in order of purchase intent from low to high: In-person, Demos, ROI Data, Pricing

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