Introducing the Content Creation Guide

At this point, it’s safe to say that content marketing is more than a passing craze. Inbound marketing is on the rise, the internet has placed the power back in the hands of today’s consumer and the modern day B2B marketer is tasked with providing potential buyers with an endless stream of valuable and relevant content. Under the constant pressure to create, it may sometimes feel like you’re cranking out content without direction or organization — even without knowing whether the content you are creating is meeting the needs of your prospective buyers.

Enter the Pardot Content Creation Guide. Sitting down to fill out worksheets and map out a content marketing strategy may seem like the last thing you have time for, but in the long run, adding some concrete organization to your efforts can actually save your business significant time and money. Here’s a few ways that the Content Creation Guide can help you:

  • Define Your Goals. Understanding how the content you are creating relates to your overall business goals can help you to rule out projects that aren’t going to be beneficial, ultimately saving your business invaluable resources.
  • Focus Your Content.  Defining the needs of your customers ensures that your content emphasizes the points that will be most important to them, focusing your efforts on closing the deal.
  • Get Organized. Planning a timeline for the distribution of your content ensures that your content is relevant and flows logically. It also allows you to establish cadence in publishing content.


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