How To Conduct A Successful Salesforce Engage Rollout

As the director of digital marketing for CDK Global, I was tasked with owning and rolling out Salesforce Engage to our over 300 sales reps around the country. Having worked with the company for a several years, and seeing tool after tool rollout to our sale organization, I was concerned about how a new tool would be perceived and adopted. Understanding that this might be a challenge, I went to work crafting my strategy for the launch.

Initial Rollout Concerns

Seasoned sales reps have been through dozens of tools promising them greater success in their job. Some work, but most just cause frustration and don’t fulfill their intended goals, so naturally sales reps are somewhat skeptical when it comes to adopting new tools promising them greater success.

In our case, beyond my ability to explain and teach the rep how to use utilize the platform, I wanted our reps to understand the concepts to ultimately be successful. To truly understand the power that these new tools would give them. My approach would have to motivate them to both understand — and utilize — the tool effectively.

The Approach

The goal was to present enough information so they would be excited to get started. As marketers, we adhere to the fundamental rule “know your audience.” When training sales, you need to consider what motivates them and cater your presentation accordingly.

With that in mind I focused on the following three main value propositions:

Makes Your Job Easier – I focused on a few simple points here. The first one being that they can send the same email to multiple contacts. This feature is a huge time savings for the reps. Another time saver for Engage is that when an email is sent, it’s also logged as an activity. For some organizations (including ours) reps often have daily or weekly activity goals. This gives them complete insight into all communications with their contacts.

Makes You Better Prepared – By reviewing and understanding if and when a contact is responding (through email, website visits, social interactions) they can be better prepared for the conversation. I use the example that if they are visiting a specific product page and consuming email content on the product, you may come armed ready to discuss and have the right collateral that you can leave behind.

Helps You Earn More Money – This was the easy one. I explained that with the first two value propositions they will be better positioned to not only meet, but hopefully exceed their sales goals.

Encouraging Daily Usage

Understanding that changing routines can be difficult, I wanted to offer suggestions for utilizing Engage throughout their workday. I walked through a typical day using Engage and along the way reinforced the main value props. I suggested things like reviewing yesterday’s interactions, using the tool to communicate to customers and reviewing report data.

After my presentation I was thrilled to have reps come up to me asking questions and brainstorming possible usages of Salesforce Engage. While total adoption is still a challenge, I believe that we’ve created enough excitement with the sales organization that they will begin to utilize it as intended — bringing greater success to both them and our company!

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