The Complete Guide to Successful Landing Pages [INFOGRAPHIC]

Landing pages are an essential part of almost all lead generation strategies in the B2B market. When crafted correctly, landing pages have the ability to generate a large number of highly qualified leads for your business. Sadly, many landing pages aren’t optimized to their full potential, resulting in high bounce rates and lost leads.

In previous posts, we’ve covered many of the ways to make your landing pages successful and how to avoid common landing page mistakes. We’ve assembled these posts and other resources into a comprehensive infographic to help you create a landing page that will take your lead generation to the next level. Take a look:

For more on landing pages, check out our Best Practices Guide to Landing Pages or 8 Quick Steps to Double Your B2B Conversions (registration required).

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10 thoughts on “The Complete Guide to Successful Landing Pages [INFOGRAPHIC]

  • Great infographic, thanks for the summary Matt! All marketers should print it out and cross-check every time when embarking on a project…

    • Thank you so much Svetlana! You’re too kind. We have a few more infographics to be published over the next few days so stay tuned!

  • Matt,
    Who did this infographic for Pardot? I saw your article listing the 3 infographic sources, but that seemed to be foused on DIY. I assume you used a service for this…could you tell me who it was? Thanks – a loyal Pardot user and infographic enthusiast.

    • Thanks for the comment Robb! Adam is right, we handle it internally on our side because it makes more sense for our needs and output schedule.

      If you’re looking for a service, there are a growing number of data visualization agencies out there that specialize in infographics and produce fantastic work. can also be a great resource for getting in touch with individual designers.

      Let me know if I can help out further!

  • Hey Robb, thanks for the feedback. Matt actually did this one for us (and has done most of them for us) so we do them internally.

    • Agreed! Both are important, but you need to make sure you can convert visitors. Thank you for the comment!

  • Yes, landing pages are an essential part of almost all lead generation strategies in the B2B market. The Complete guide which you have provide in this post how to show it in infograhics is very useful.

  • You missed a few key points in this infographic that I think is really good info when designing a landing page.

    First of all, I do think that a landing page should follow a brand’s ID and colors. But I don’t think an exact replica of a company’s site should double as a landing page, but it can mimic a style. One reason being that you don’t want to produce any leaks on a landing page. So having your menu bar at the top would be bad. A small privacy policy, contact, and maybe an about us link in the footer is all you’d need. The basic point of a landing page is to inform, expose, identify a problem, offer a solution, and most importantly – generate a lead. So, guide that user to the form. Contrasting colors and graphics that direct. Remember never Sell. Let the users buy. Let them make up their own mind. Only have ONE call to action (CTA). Do not put in a form that leads to a PDF download and under that have a email list sign up form and under that a contact form. The landing page has one purpose and vision, cater to that. If you have multiple lines of products, say cars, trucks, suv’s, electric cars, and vespas. Have a landing page for each one. This way, you know exactly what the lead is interested in and you can get very granular with your information and marketing.
    But mostly remember – no leaks. Keep them on the landing page and drive focus to that form. Make it worth it to them. A good pay off.

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