New feature: Competitor Monitoring for SEO

The second search engine optimization (SEO) / inbound marketing feature we have added today is competitor monitoring. You can now track how well your site stacks up against your competitors in general SEO terms.

Competitor Monitoring Table

You can compare competitors side-by-side, filter by tags, and measure changes in ranking and online presence (changes will be noted with a + or -).

Competitor Monitoring

Competitor Monitoring Drilldown

Drilling down on a specific competitor will show you an audit of historical data on that site.

Competitor Monitoring Drilldown

Weekly Email

You can subscribe to a weekly email to have these reports sent to you. Simply check the box in your user preferences and you will receive the report every Monday morning (EST).

Account Limits

  • Professional Edition: 10 tracked sites
  • Enterprise Edition: 25 tracked sites
  • Ultimate Edition: 100 tracked sites


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4 thoughts on “New feature: Competitor Monitoring for SEO

  • Love the new SEO Monitoring & Reporting features!! One question… Where is the competitor info and page rank info being pulled from?

    • Thanks Dave and sorry for the late reply on this. It comes from a few different places but mainly SEOMoz (for link counts and such) and Google (indexed pages and page rank).

    • Hi Sue — it would not do that. The only way to do something like that would be to exploit some browser security flaws (most have been plugged by now) and it would violate most companies’ privacy policies. It’s not something we would endorse.

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