Close Deals Faster with Predictive AI and Enhanced Lead Insights

2019 has arrived with the most advanced wave of lead engagement and management capabilities ever seen before. From predictive artificial intelligence (AI) and smart lead scoring to real-time lead routing, there has never been a better time to understand what your leads want, engage them with personalized messaging and close them in record time. Here’s how to get up-to-speed on recent announcements from Salesforce, and understand how the latest and greatest capabilities from Salesforce, Pardot and LeanData can help drive your sales team to unprecedented success.

Lead Generation & Campaign Insights

We live in a unique time; enhanced abilities to surface personalized content has enabled a rapid evolution for lead generation and campaign insights. Many CRMs, like Salesforce, now offer highly intricate lead nurture options for email marketing, depending on content read or website clicks, with different paths depending on how your lead engages with the initial email (open, no open, or a specific link click). These insights are tied back to Salesforce like never before, providing data throughout the nurture process.

With better email, you should find yourself with more qualified leads. A warm lead is much more effective than a cold one. Salesforce recently launched Einstein Behavior Scoring technology to better identify which leads are really “heating up” as they go through the nurture process. Einstein Behavior technology can even identify the leads that are most likely to become paying customers! Previously, such scoring was a manual task, entered through specific scoring rules. Now, the nurture journey has gotten much more personalized with variants for any given buyer journey. Salesforce’s smart scoring system better captures lead interest across a larger number of options, adapting to how leads now engage with content.

With enhanced lead management capabilities like LeanData, sales reps are alerted as soon as a lead shows interest; this is done through email notifications, system alerts such as Slack, and very soon, through text messages. Then, leads that are ready for the final sales stage can be immediately routed to the right sales rep based on their segment, the rep who previously engaged with the prospect or the right implementation partner.  Gone are the days of a centralized “lead dump” or a sales assistant periodically checking in on lead engagement. Getting in touch with a lead while your services or product is top of mind is vitally key to shortening sales cycles and boosting close rates.

Developing a Deeper Understanding

Leads are constantly interacting with your brand all the time – on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Previously, from viewing website content to reading an email, each data point lived in a different analytics tool. Until now, most of this data was either rarely used, or poorly managed and siloed, but with advanced in technology, all of these data points come together to create a single, comprehensive view of the customer.

With recent product enhancements, Salesforce can now offer the ability to monitor an ongoing campaign to make optimizations or shifts in strategy based on real-time performance. Is a certain message resonating more in one region than another? Is the value proposition a hit with one sector more so than another? Marketers and sales team can now work together to adjust messaging, and quickly apply learnings and insights to sales cycles to uncover more leads – and even hone-in on leads with the greater propensity to buy.

Lead data around email campaigns is now especially accessible thanks to Salesforce’s new Connect Campaigns offering and advanced lead management solutions such as LeanData. With Connected Campaigns, more detailed engagement data can now be captured and brought in to Salesforce. LeanData ensures those engagement metrics are accurately mapped to the right lead, company or entries in Salesforce by using smart matching and routing technology. Accurate lead matching and mapping enables deeper understanding around accounts, enterprises, and sectors. The more insight around engaged teams, divisions or individuals a sales team has, the more robust their deals will be!

With more data and more leads, it’s important for sales teams to optimize their workflow processes. In 2019, Salesforce’s High Velocity Sales lets team managers create preferred step-by-step activity sequences, scripts, and templates covering calls, emails, and other scenarios.

LeanData adds even more account-level insights with multi-channel attribution capabilities to help sales professionals and marketers understand which campaigns drove or contributed to a lead’s next step, driving a more efficient investment in the most productive campaigns.

Unlock Performance with Tech Stack Collaboration

The main theme of the major marketing technology advancements of 2019 is collaboration. Imagine all your sales tools working together, seamlessly, to create one, accessible world of lead data and insights. From lead attribution analytics and engagement data, to real-time scoring and routing to sales reps for action, your lead generation operations can come together to supersize your sales performance.

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