A Checklist for Lead Nurturing Emails That Get Results


Are you crafting your nurturing emails for success or failure?

Most of us would like to think all of our emails are masterpieces that make readers jump at the chance to purchase our products — but the truth is, if your lead nurturing emails aren’t crafted appropriately, you may just be sending the world’s most advanced spam to your customers.

Drip nurturing emails need to be carefully designed and planned in order to move leads through the sales funnel. This is no small feat for a simple email campaign. Emails need to be focused on educating your audience and providing value with every touch. To help keep your emails on point, we have created the following checklist for creating lead nurturing emails that really work.



Before your first email is sent, you need to segment your audience appropriately. You can use the information gathered at a prospect’s conversion point to create a more targeted experience. Segmenting your prospects by location, company size, position or other variables will show them right away that you are focused on them and their situation, not simply spamming a list.

Get Personal

After you have segmented your lists, it’s time to add some personalization. These days, customization can go well beyond using a recipient’s name in the email’s salutation. Just last week I received an email from the red cross thanking me for donating blood (Pardot had a blood drive. We’re always looking to help out) that customized the examples of the people I might have helped save to people in my situation and age range, like Lisa, a young professional with a serious illness. Talk about effective. “Darn you Red Cross. Of course I want to help Lisa! That could be me!”

Lend A Hand

It is important that you use every email you send to provide value to your readers. You need to show your prospects that you understand the challenges they are facing and have the resources to help. Send links to compelling content like white papers, guides, ebooks, and infographics. Provide tools that will help prospects to succeed and they will begin to trust and value their relationship with you.

Present a Value Proposition

It’s not enough to just send resources off to your prospect lists and hope they find them useful. You need to state the value proposition of each piece of content in order to demonstrate your expertise and the value your company offers. If you are sending an ebook, add a few sentences about what the reader will learn or how this will change the way they handle some aspect of their business.

Link to Additional Content

Where it is applicable, add links to additional content in your emails. This will draw interested prospects into an environment where you can track their activity and record what interests them the most. You can also track these link clicks and set up notifications or trigger additional content based on the links your prospects click.

Focus on the Prospect

The most important thing you can do to ensure the success of your drip campaign is also the most obvious: focus on the prospect. Nobody enjoys receiving spam. The key to using email to move prospects through the buyer cycle is customized, valuable content at every stage, delivered at exactly the right time. If you follow the steps listed above, drip nurturing is the perfect tool for accomplishing this.

Are you using lead nurturing in your sales efforts? Are their any tips or tricks you would add? Let us know!

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