The Changing Role of Email Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

This past quarter, we set out to learn more about one of internet marketing’s most basic and fundamental tools: email. In a survey conducted last month, we asked marketers about the role of email in their marketing strategy ? from best practices to usage and testing. Over 100 B2B marketers participated.

Interestingly, our study revealed that although email continues to serve as a valuable tool for B2B marketers, its role in marketing campaigns has evolved. Once a prominent tool for acquiring leads, our findings showed that nearly 70% of B2B marketers no longer consider email to be their primary tool for lead generation. With inbound marketing on the rise, many marketers are turning to a variety of other tactics for lead generation and using email predominantly as a lead nurturing tool.

Check out some of our other significant findings in the following infographic, and read a further analysis of this email marketing study in today’s press release.

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