Campaign Creation with Marketing Automation [INFOGRAPHIC]

Have you been to an amusement park lately? One of those huge monstrosities like Six Flags or DisneyLand? If you’ve ever spent the day at one of these meccas of roller coasters and funnel cakes, you know that these places make kids go nuts. There’s so much to do, so much ground to cover, so much awesomeness to take in — they just don’t know where to begin!

Well, taking your first spin with marketing automation can be just like that. There are so many tools, so many capabilities, and so much information that you may end up feeling scared that you’ll miss something.

To help you through the tools and hidden gems marketing automation has to offer, we will be sharing helpful “How Marketing Automation Works” diagrams over the next few weeks, starting with campaign creation.

Automation helps you create integrated marketing campaigns all from one central hub. From hosting your content, to creating your own landing pages and promoting on social media, automation is a complete campaign platform capable of delivering and tracking marketing campaigns of all sizes and complexities. Check out the graphic below to see what the process is like!