Building a B2B Marketing Campaign Blueprint [WEBINAR]


It’s one of the of the trickiest words in the marketing dictionary.

This seemingly innocent term can mean so many things. Your definition of a campaign might be different than mine, and even different from the guy down the hall from you. Plus, there are Salesforce campaigns, Pardot campaigns, email campaigns, social campaigns… the list goes on.

Over the years our team here at Salesforce Pardot has evolved the definition of a what a basic B2B marketing campaign means to us, and next week we’re going to let you in on our formula. Join us for a live webinar with Ryan Johnston, Demand Generation Senior Manager at Salesforce Pardot, as he looks at how marketers can map a plug-and-play strategy to create lead-generating, pipeline-driving, opportunity-creating, all around awesome campaigns!

We’ll break down how we look at campaigns, programs and tactics as we build our marketing plan for the year. We’ll also examine the different factors to consider for each campaign, and provide a game plan for educating your sales team and other key constituents. You’ll walk away with some practical constructs you can apply to your own marketing plan.

On this webinar you’ll learn:

  • The building blocks comprising a solid campaign effort
  • Time-saving tips when you are under pressure to deliver – and deliver fast!
  • Basic blueprints for no-fail campaigns

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