How to Build a Complete Customer Profile

How Automation works

If you’ve been paying attention recently, you’ve heard a lot about “the customer revolution” and becoming a customer company by having a complete view of the customer and his or her needs.

But what does it really mean to have a complete view of the customer? And how is it possible to cater to each customer on an individual basis? Let’s take a look at a few ways to build a complete view of the customer, and how marketing automation can help.

Know the basics.

At this point, this one’s a no-brainer. Your sales reps shouldn’t even be picking up the phone to talk to a prospect until they can answer some basic questions: name and company name, company size, a little bit about what the company does as well as how your product can help. Many automation platforms can automatically pull this data into a comprehensive prospect profile, placing the basic information at your sales reps’ fingertips and putting the relationship-building process on the fast track.

Know the pain points.

Go beyond basic data — understand your buyer’s pain points so you can anticipate their needs. Our 2013 State of Demand Generation Report revealed that 76% of buyers prefer different content at different stages. What if you could not only cater the content you’re providing to the buyer’s stage in the sales cycle, but also to their particular needs and interests?

Using prospect tracking, you can see what a prospect searched for to bring them to your site, which pages they visited, what content they interacted with and downloaded. And with this added insight into the particular interests of your prospects, you can guide conversations and provide the most relevant and useful content.

Know the person.

This is the the future of the customer company: not only building a profile with the basic information and business needs of each customer, but understanding the person behind this profile. Marketing automation takes the first step in this direction by allowing you to automatically pull the public social media profiles of prospects. This is not an excuse to be creepy, or friend your prospects on Facebook. But having this glimpse into your prospects’ lives can allow you to personalize your communications with them, find new ways to interact, and gain a better understanding of who you’re selling to.

Check out the graphic above for a visual explanation of how marketing automation can help you build a complete profile around your prospect. And be sure to download our free eBook, How Automation Works: A Visual Guide, for more helpful visualizations.