How to Build a Powerful Marketing Audience [Research Report]

What is the most valuable asset a modern marketing department can have?

It’s not the latest technology, although marketing automation is definitely near the top of the list. It’s not a bigger budget, or a larger staff, although those certainly can’t hurt.

The most precious asset a company can develop and sustain in this era of marketing is their audience. According to Jeff Rohrs, VP of Marketing Insight at ExactTarget:

“A broad, responsive audience allows you to reach customers more inexpensively than advertising, drive sales in a more on-demand fashion, and treat your customers as individuals instead of an anonymous public. A non-responsive audience can cast your brand’s reputation into no-man’s land, while a thriving audience can become your most valuable business asset.” 

So how can today’s marketers develop a strong, engaged audience of their own? That is the question ExactTarget set out to answer in the latest edition of their award-winning Subscriber, Fans, and Followers series.

To see a highlight of some of the report’s findings, you can view the video listed below. For even more great stats, download your own copy of the report, launching today!

See the full report for even more stats. Grab your copy!

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