The Grand Plan – A Better B2B Content Marketing Strategy (Webinar-B2B)


Quality marketing content can be a huge driving force in establishing a long-term relationship with prospects and existing clients by informing and educating. The creation of effective marketing content can sometimes seem to be a challenging and daunting task, though. How should we plan content creation so that it connects with customers and prospects? And what will it really look like in practice?

Join Nolin LeChasseur, Co-Founder and Partner of Brainrider, as he teaches us step-by-step how to build a content strategy plan for our individual business needs and move forward with confidence in marketing content creation efforts. In this 1-hour webinar, you will learn:

  • How to build a content strategy
  • How to prioritize measurable objectives for your plan
  • How to identify customer needs and pains
  • How other companies are creating and sharing customer-focused content

Speaker: Nolin LeChasseur, Co-Founder and Partner, Brainrider
Nolin is a business-to-business marketing veteran who has worked client-side for a number of small- and medium-sized technology companies. He has a valuable blend of marketing and technology expertise. His deep knowledge of marketing automation, prospect intelligence and sales acceleration has delivered results for companies selling to other companies throughout North America and Europe. Before co-founding Brainrider in 2009, he developed and executed marketing strategies and tactics for global ecommerce solution vendors FiftyOne Global Ecommerce and Canada Post Borderfree, technology branding firm Distility, global software vendor Platform Computing, and a number of BrightSpark portfolio companies.