Best Practices for Testing Emails Part 1

When it comes to sending emails, I tend to look at it as performing experiments.  Although it is definitely easier to send email blasts and never evaluate the results of different email campaigns, your email programs will be a far better marketing tool if you take some time to analyze what works and what doesn’t.

I am always looking for more suggestions and recently I came across “4 tips for testing your email campaigns.” One strategy is to think of different objectives you would like to test.  From there, decide the best way to go about finding matching data.  So say you want to test open rates of an email.  Good variables to test would be subject lines and also the day and time the email is sent.  It would not be helpful however to test different images in the email when concerned about the number of emails opened.

Another lesson I have learned is to test one variable at a time.  If you want to compare the number of clicks on a link, you should test the same link but different ways.  This makes the analysis much easier and the results more accurate.

A system like Prospect Insight makes the email experimentation process simple.  Use the system to test your hypothesis and set up different email templates.  For example, to test optimal times for sending emails to your audience, use the scheduler to set multiple send times. Then just sit back, relax and wait for the results. You will be able to view individual reports on each campaign and draw conclusions from the data.

Hopefully these tips will get you started with email experimentation.  Stay tuned for more testing strategies in Part 2 of this blog.