Best Practices: Creating Content For Your Warm Leads

As a marketer, you’re all about creating content to grab the attention of your clients and prospects. You know it needs to be relevant, engaging and – most of all – useful, but walking the thin line between educating a net-new prospect who’s just been introduced to your brand, and giving a warm lead that one extra piece of content that will make them sales ready isn’t always easy.

To really maximize your lead generation efforts, you need to cover both segments in your content, from fresh new prospect who’s only looking to find out what you do, to the seasoned industry professional who already knows what they want. It can be hard to figure out what’s more important, so today we’re going to take a look at creating content for your warm leads – the people who already know what they want and have come to your site for a more in-depth look at what you offer. These 5 types of content can help you convert those warm leads into buyers.

1. Product Videos

You don’t have to build fully functional demos. Instead, you can create a product video. These simple videos are a great way to pump up prospects who are already interested in your product by giving a clear, concise demonstration of just how awesome it is. A simple, straightforward video gives all of the information your prospects need to make a buying decision, and is a good way to gauge a prospect’s level of interest.

If you’re looking to boost your competitiveness with prospects that are reviewing other products, people are 80% more likely to remember something that they see, versus something that they read. So if your product or service is fairly complex, distilling key information down into a video can make it much more accessible and much more memorable. What’s more, by creating an uncomplicated, visual representation of what you are selling, you’re providing an accurate, authentic representation of your product or service, and who doesn’t love that?

2. Case Studies

If your potential customer is already aware of the marketplace and the specs, your goal is not so much to educate but to stand out. What better way to do this than to show real life examples of how your product or service can be used? The best case studies will clearly identify a problem or pain point that your client had, and present several ways in which your product was able to efficiently solve it. Give your prospects the power of real, in-depth information and empower them to choose well.

3. Customer Success Testimonials

You have happy customers, so why not show them off? Much like with case studies, this is your chance to give real life examples of your customers interacting with your product or service. It’s also another great opportunity for some interactive, visual content. You can present customer testimonials in a variety of fun, creative ways like creating a slideshow, or putting together a montage. The possibilities are endless and your customers’ stories are compelling, so why not use that all-powerful marketing tool known as word-of-mouth?

4. Product Update Emails

Email is still king for B2B marketers because it gives an excellent opportunity to really build up a connection with your prospects. The key is personalization. The more you know about your prospects – and when it comes to warm leads, you probably have a fair amount of information – the better you can predict their needs and give them the information that they need to make that final purchasing decision.

While it may be tempting to simply use basic screen shots and simple terms to explain what’s new with your products, you’ll want to take some time and skip the sales pitch – especially with warm leads. If they’re ready to buy, pass them over to sales and have a sales rep send a personalized email saying something like “Hello [Prospect’s Name], I saw that you were browsing our pricing page for this product. Would you be interested in a custom demo?”

5. Group Product Demos/Webinars

Hosting a live demo or webinar is a great way to share information with a large and varied audience. A group product demo could be mutually beneficial because while you are making a case to your prospects, they can also share their concerns and feedback with you – so it’s a ready-made opportunity for you to adapt to clients’ needs and address any burning questions. What’s more, live events convey a sense of urgency and importance, and that’s not a bad feeling to engender. Invite your warmest leads to an ‘exclusive’ demo event to lend a little extra significance.

When you are creating content for the most powerful audience, your warm leads, or ready-to-buy prospects, you are utilizing an opportunity that’s often missed. While this type of content is more laborious to create, it is most certainly worth the effort.

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