How to Make Marketing Videos on a Budget

We know that marketers are budget-conscious folks. And that often holds us back from experimenting with new mediums, like video marketing. Luckily, companies like Wistia have been making an effort to break down the video process into more manageable (read: more affordable) steps. Instead of having to buy expensive video equipment or rent a studio, marketers can use the resources at their disposal to create budget-friendly videos — without sacrificing quality.

Continuing with our new blog series on video marketing, our next installment takes what we learned in the first post (How to Do Video with Just a Few Hours Per Week), and builds on it. Take a look at the post below to see how Kristen Craft, Marketing Evangelist at Wistia, suggests tackling video marketing — the affordable way.

Q: How Can Marketers Make Videos on a Budget?

A: People sometimes shy away from video marketing, based on the assumption that they’d need to buy a lot of specialized gear and/or would need to hire an expensive videographer. This concern is unfounded for two reasons:

A) You can do video in-house, rather than hiring an outside videographer. In fact, it’s critical that people on your team become familiar with video marketing, because it’s one of the most powerful and fastest-growing trends in content marketing. Developing video marketing skills is as important as developing a knack for blogging.

B) You can make awesome videos using resources you already have (or that you can get pretty inexpensively). To get you up and running, we have a few quick tips for making videos on a budget. Now get started developing those awesome video skills!

Q: How Can You Leverage What You Already Have?

A: Here’s a list of necessary ingredients and some easy tricks for maximizing resources you already have:

Studio space: if you have a conference room, you can make it into a studio. Shoot against a solid colored background, (ideally, non-white if possible). Turn off heating or A/C units, since they create distracting background noises. Eliminate echoes by bringing in soft objects like carpets or couches.

b2b video marketing studio space

Lighting: The golden rule of lighting is to eliminate shadows on your face. You definitely shouldn’t rely on conference room lighting, (since they create lots of shadows,) but you also don’t need to drop a pile of cash on fancy lighting set-ups. You can make your own lighting kit for under $100 with some basic purchases from Home Depot.

b2b video marketing lighting

Camera: The best camera you can use is the one you already own. If you try to purchase and then get to know new equipment, it’s going to hamper your creative process. We have a lot of customers at Wistia who make excellent video content on their iPhones, and these videos drive a ton of new business. However, do invest in a tripod or mount for your camera, since an unsteady shot can be very distracting.

b2b video marketing camera

Microphone: It’s important to have good sound so that your message gets across clearly. Luckily, microphones are far less expensive than a lot of other gear, so it’s worth springing for a decent one. If you’re just getting started, we recommend the Zoom H1, which is less than $100. You want to get the mic as close to your speaker as possible without being in the frame.

b2b video marketing microphone

Ideally, you should be doing videos regularly, just as you write blog posts regularly. You’ve won if you find a way to scale your video efforts. If every video costs four figures, it’ll be much harder to make videos repeatably. With these tools and shortcuts, anyone can make great videos on a budget.

Stay tuned for the next installment in our video series!

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      Wistia generally uses a regular boom pole and a boom stand holder, but this can be pricy. To save some money, you can easily use a regular mic stand and put it on a 1 foot box if you have a taller person on camera.

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