B2B Marketing: Expectations vs Reality

The new year has begun, and most of us probably have a list of things we’re going to do better now that a fresh new year is underway. That said… B2B marketers know that there’s no such thing as a fool-proof plan, and sometimes expectations aren’t quite reality. Much like the amazing cakes and crafts on Pinterest that are somehow not quite right when you try it in real life, here are some marketing moments where things don’t quite live up to expectations:

Emailing Our Lists

Marketers when we’re drafting emails to a new list of prospects:

Marketers when we’re sending those emails to a new list of prospects:

Marketing on Social Media

What we think it’s going to be like when we start a new social media account:

Versus what it’s actually like:

Creating Content

Making great content always seems simple… at first:

Until draft #3:

What are some of your marketing ups and downs? Let us know in the comments!