Introducing Pardot’s 2016 B2B Marketing Bootcamp [New Webinar Series]

Well folks, we’re already five days into the New Year, which means your B2B marketing strategy should be looking pretty sharp. Or…maybe not. If you’re anything like me, you’re still trying to figure out where those ever-so-elusive vacation days went.

Never fear — Pardot is here to help you whip your B2B marketing into shape. Throughout the month of January, we’ll be running a series of webinars to help you take your content marketing, reporting, email marketing, and paid search efforts to the next level. Get a quick rundown of each of the sessions we’ll be hosting below, and be sure to grab a spot before it’s too late!

Crank Up Your Content

When: January 19, 2PM EST

Grab your red pen, start warming up your brainstorming muscles, and don’t forget your thesaurus — it’s time for a content marketing makeover! This year, content marketing isn’t just about taking things up a notch; it’s about staying focused from start to finish. Our content coaches (including yours truly!) are here to help you kick things off.

We’ll pull back the curtain on the Salesforce Pardot marketing team, and share how we approach content marketing to drive more leads and enable our sales team. We’ll also be joined by Seth Lieberman, CEO of SnapApp, who will inspire and motivate you with even more tactical techniques for the ultimate revenue-driving content game plan.


Rev Up Your Reporting

When: January 21, 1PM EST

Let’s get ready to…report?! Every marketer wants — and needs — to know how effective their marketing campaigns are. Have you ever wondered how we know where to invest our marketing dollars here at Pardot? Our own reporting drill sergeant, Isaac Payne, will be bringing the pain in his webinar this month. (Okay, we’re just kidding — but he will be revealing some reporting plays we use here at Pardot to make more informed marketing decisions.)

To help you really refine your reporting strategy, we’re also bringing in a special guest sensei with black belt reporting know-how to inspire you to go the extra mile in 2016. They may not be able to catch a fly with chopsticks, but they can run KPIs with their eyes closed. And now you can, too.


Amp Up Your Email

When: January 26, 1PM EST

Overheard in the Salesforce Pardot office…

Ryan: Hey, wanna go grab lunch?
Maureen: Namast’ay and work on this email template.

Email marketing is still the most effective way to reach prospects and customers, and we all know that the smartest marketers include “better emails” on their list of New Year’s resolutions. Email guru Maureen Flaherty, Email Marketing Specialist at Pardot, will share how she approaches email marketing to drive leads and pipeline, all while remaining calm and centered.

Maureen will be joined by special guest Kristen Craft, Director of Business Development at Wistia, to talk trends for the new year and share how Wistia does email marketing.


Step Up Your SEO & SEM

When: January 28, 2PM EST

Today is the day to seize control of your promotional strategy and push it to the limits. It may not be easy. Some days you may feel like giving up. But your SEO and SEM trainers are here to make sure you find success and shatter those hard-to-meet goals.

Have you ever wondered how we tackle SEO and SEM here at Pardot? Hear from expert trainers Katie Blair and Bob Dinsmore, Salesforce Online Marketing, on how we approach SEO and SEM to drive leads and pipeline. Our trainers will also be joined by Christina Rohde, Online Sales Account Manager at Google, who will share her expert perspective on goal-crushing, gold-medal-earning, ninja-warrior-level SEM promotional plan ideas for 2016.


Whether you want to ease into the new year by attending one webinar, or go all-out with B2B bootcamp by attending all four of our sessions, be sure to register today before spots fill up!

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