3 B2B Landing Pages You’ll Want to Copy [Checklist]

Last year, I spent hours scouring the web for excellent landing pages to feature in our B2B Landing Page Inspiration SlideShare. I wasn’t disappointed — I found some amazing designs! — but it was a time-consuming task. If only I had known about Crayon, my new digital marketing obsession. Crayon is an ingenious website that allows marketers to browse millions of real marketing designs and organize their favorites into Collections, which function similarly to Pinterest boards.

I spent some time this week browsing their seemingly endless repository of landing pages in order to bring you some of the best. Let’s take a look at three of my favorite B2B landing pages and dive into why they work so well.

1. Zenefits’s Sign-Up Landing Page


The Company: Zenefits is an all-in-one HR platform for managing everything from recruiting to payroll and benefits.

The Landing Page Offer: Sign up to compare health insurance and get started with Zenefits’s services for free.

Why I Love the Page:

  • While Zenefits offers more than just health insurance management, the landing page focuses on that offer alone and doesn’t bombard the visitor with different forms and options.
  • It leverages social proof by quoting its happy customers and listing some of its best-known clients.
  • The form is short with just two form fields. Sweet simplicity!

2. DocuSign’s Free Trial Sign-Up on Mobile


The Company: DocuSign provides electronic signature technology, allowing contracts and other documents to be signed online.

The Landing Page Offer: Get a free 30-day DocuSign trial.

Why I Love the Page:

  • Mobile landing pages can be tricky, but this one nails it! The offer is front-and-center, but the form is still visible without scrolling.
  • They tell me “50+ million DocuSigners can’t be wrong,” and I’m inclined to trust those 50 million folks — especially when some of the company’s most impressive clients are listed at the bottom of the page.
  • The offer is low-risk because there’s no credit card required. (I don’t know about you, but I’m always wary about entering my credit card info on my phone. It’s too easy for me to make a typo when I’m on-the-go.)

3. CareerArc’s Landing Page for a Gated Piece of Content


The Company: CareerArc is an HR technology company that focuses on social recruiting and employee outplacement.

The Landing Page Offer: Download CareerArc’s 2015 Workplace Flexibility Study.

Why I Love the Page:

  • The value proposition at the top (“Know which benefits attract and retain the best talent.”) is to-the-point and explains what I’ll gain from this piece of content.
  • The form itself is “above the fold,” and its bright colors draw my eye right to it.
  • The page lists highlights of the study, so visitors get a preview of the content they’re being offered before they give away their personal information.

The Landing Page Checklist

Ready to design a Crayon-worthy landing page of your own? Use the checklist below to make sure your landing page looks beautiful and converts well.

The Landing Page Checklist from the Complete Guide to B2B Marketing

Have you used Crayon to find marketing inspiration? Send us a link to your Collections in the comments, and we’ll be sure to check them out.

For more landing page tips and dozens of other helpful worksheets, grab your free copy of The Complete Guide to B2B Marketing by clicking the banner below.

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