B2B Engagement Fest: Kyle Coleman’s Engagement Studio Recap

Editor’s Note: This is the third and final recap from our B2B Engagement Fest Webinar Series.

We can’t say enough about personalization – especially when it comes to B2B marketing. There is no single approach that will work for all of your customers, no ‘one size fits all’ sticker that you can stick on your marketing campaigns, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to customize your approach for different groups of buyers. Kyle Coleman, Sr. Product Manager at Salesforce Pardot took the stage at B2B Engagement Fest to take us on a walkthrough of Engagement Studio, Pardot’s next generation lead nurturing functionality.

With lead nurturing, you can use the data you collect about each of your clients and prospects through their interactions on your site, and apply that to your campaigns to create a truly personalized customer experience. Engagement Studio gives you the power to create campaigns that reach the right person at the right stage in their buying cycle with exactly the information they’re looking for.

It’s easy to build in complexity

You don’t need to be (or know) a programmer to create Engagement Studio campaigns, you just need to know your buyers. Build complex campaigns that move clients and prospects through the sales cycle based on their responses to each piece of the campaign. Through their levels and frequencies of engagement, you can offer your clients and prospects the cadence of communication that best fits their needs.

Because you can customize your campaigns based on clients’ and prospects’ interactions with your content, Engagement Studio automatically helps you cover any gaps that your buyer personas might not take into account.

You’re in control of your campaigns

Stay in control of your campaigns and accurately qualify leads with more insight than ever into your lead data. Determine precisely which actions leads need to have taken before being assigned to sales, and build detailed campaigns that can send the right content to a group prospects who might be at different stages of the buying cycle. Data such as click through rates, and the percent open rate for a particular email are all overlaid directly onto your campaign so that you can easily ensure that the campaign is working the way it should without ever needing to leave the campaign view.

Boost your confidence with testing

Testing campaigns can be tricky. Manually sending test versions of each email is time consuming, and attempting to figure out each possible step a recipient might take is nearly impossible. Engagement Studio tackles this by offering a simple, one-click button to test the logic of your campaign.

Instead of manually sending each email, it will take you through your campaign prompting you to choose whether the recipient responded or didn’t respond at each step. Verify that recipients who do respond are assigned to sales after the correct number and type of interactions, and that those who don’t are accurately recorded and assigned to a follow-up or a cold lead nurture program.

Watch the full walkthrough of Engagement Studio in Kyle Coleman’s B2B Engagement Fest webinar “Discover the Power of Salesforce Engagement Studio: Build. Visualize. Improve.

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