Understanding B2B Buyer Behavior: Timing is Everything [INFOGRAPHIC]

Are you in tune with your buyers’ preferences?

In this day and age, having a thorough understanding of buyer behavior is crucial, and that means knowing everything from what content your buyers’ prefer at each stage of the sales cycle, to which channel to best reach them on. And one thing’s for certain: timing is everything.

Software Advice recently conducted a study on buyer behavior in the B2B market with regards to timing: when prospects are conducting research, when they’re most likely to convert, and when the best time to reach out might be. Their findings? That operating in real time is imperative, and that your inside sales team can’t afford to waste any time getting back into the swing of things after New Years. Check out the infographic below (from our friends at Salesforce) for more details and interesting findings, and find out the best time of the year, week, and day to reach your audience.