How to Avoid Bad Dates with Bad Leads [INFOGRAPHIC]


There aren’t many holidays quite as polarizing as Valentine’s Day. Those in relationships can’t wait for February 14th, while lonely hearts dread the day each year. But love it or hate it, Valentines Day will make you think about relationships.

Finding the right person to build a relationship with can be difficult, not only in your personal life, but also in business. Any seasoned sales or marketing professional can tell you that finding the right lead is not always easy. There are plenty of leads out there that make terrible dates: they may show up late, they may never want to pay, or maybe they aren’t even interested in you.

Whatever the case, we’ve created a list of some bad leads in the infographic below to help you learn how to identify these potential bad dates early and turn them into relationship material. So put aside your flowers, grab your heart-shaped box of chocolates and enjoy!


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