Automation, Segmentation, and Dynamic Lists: add many rule conditions in one line

You know how annoying it is to have a massive rule with a lot of “ands” or a lot of “ors” for the same condition (e.g. state is Georgia, Florida, or North Carolina)? That used to be three separate lines in the rules builder. No more! Now you can simply separate those values with a semicolon (much like you would do in and do it all on one line. This should save a lot of clicking and keep your rules a lot less tall! You can now use this in automation rules, dynamic lists, and segmentation rules.

Semicolon Separated Values




Note: The text field is still limited to 255 characters currently so you couldn’t put a massive list in there (the Fortune 500 for example). You would have to split that into a few lines. This should cover most cases though.