Automation Rules Now Have Repeat Rule Functionality

Pardot Automation Rules now have ‘repeat’ functionality. This new feature allows the User to determine if an Automation Rule should be allowed to match a prospect more than once.
Here’s how you can put this new Repeat Rule functionality to use:

Trigger Automatic Score Depreciation

Let’s say you’ve built an Automation Rule that listens for prospects who have not engaged with your content for over 30 days and subsequently lowers that prospects score by 20 points. Now, you’ll be able to automate that depreciation anytime a prospect meets the rule criteria – aka ‘goes dark’ for 30 days.

Screenshot: Score Decrease: Prospect Inactivity - Edit Automation Rules

Drive Customer Renewal Notifications

Many marketers are being asked to support customer success organizations with marketing programs. Now, it’s easy to ensure any customer that’s up for a renewal gets notified. As a customer can renew many times throughout their lifecycle, Repeat Rule makes it easy to ensure you never miss that critical conversation. Let’s say you’ve built an automation rule that listens for customers who are up for renewal in 60 days and then sends out a reminder nurture email. Now, every time a prospect is 60 days from their renewal date they’ll automatically get the email. And, if they’re ever up for renewal again, the same rule and following email send will repeat.

Screenshot: Upcoming Renewal Reminder - Edit Automation Rules

Route Form Submissions Based on Values

Repeat Rules make it easier for marketers to build forms that are responsive to specific criteria – including AND/OR criteria, that run on every form submission. It’s easy for marketers to use one form on their website for prospect and customer requests and route those form submissions to the appropriate Sales or Support team.

Screenshot: Contact Us Form: Sales - edit automation rules

For more on Automation Rules, be sure to check out our Knowledge Base articles: Creating Automation Rules and other Automation Rule Examples.

We look forward to hearing your feedback on this new enhancement, and as always, you can continue to share your feedback on our Idea Exchange.

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20 thoughts on “Automation Rules Now Have Repeat Rule Functionality

  • BIG thank you for this feature. This brings true automation with Pardot. I’ve been waiting for this for YEARS! Can’t believe it’s finally here. So many valuable use cases for it.

    Thank you!

    • Thank you for your feedback, Stephen! Glad to hear this feature will be so helpful!

  • Great feature, but it is greyed out on my automation rules when I try to tick the box for existing rules. Do I have to recreate them all?!

    • That is correct, Abdul. Once an Automation Rule has been started it will remain set as either one-time-match or repeating, however, you are able to make copies of existing running Automation Rule and can then change the settings in the copied version.

  • Glad to hear you are excited, Timothy, Brian and Karl!

    And great question, Timothy. This feature can only be applied to Automation Rules that have not yet been started. Once an Automation Rule has been started it will remain set as either one-time-match or repeating, so any existing running Automation Rules will remain set to be one-time-match. However, you are able to make copies of existing running Automation Rules and can then change the settings in the copied version.

  • Thank you for adding in this feature. I’m particularly excited about leveraging for our website forms as I prefer a limited number of form handlers linked to our website forms so that it’s simpler to manage the workflows. This enhancement makes it so I can create better processes for all of our inquiries. Thank you!

    • Is it possible to make the Automation Rule every time for every prospect that matches the criteria? Even if it is the same Prospect?
      I see that the Repeat Rule can only be set to a minimum 1 day. I need this to be 0 ideally, as I want it to fire every single time, even if the prospect matches 10 times in the same day.
      I have an automation rule adding someone to ‘List A’ if someone submits a form and selects ‘Yes’ on the form.
      However, if someone submits the form and selects ‘No’, I want it to remove from from ‘List A’ and add them to ‘List B’.
      Potentially, this same form could be submitted multiple times in the same day and the same person could sometimes select ‘Yes’ and other times select ‘No’. So I need the Automation Rule to fire every time and repeat every time. Is this possible?

  • Hi. Does anyone know how to make the Automation Rules run every time for every prospect?

    When I select Repeat, I can only set it to repeat a minimum ‘1 day’. However, I need it to fire even if the same Prospect meets the criteria multiple times in the same day.

  • Hi. Does the “Days before eligible to repeat rule” has to be whole number or can it be a partial day like a decimal value like 0.1, if you don’t to wait a whole day for it to repeat again?

    • Hi Mohammad – With the current functionality 1 full day is the minimum time that can be set between matches, so a whole number is required for the “Days before eligible to repeat rule” field. We have discussed looking in the future at expanding the flexibility of repeating Automation Rules to allow a Prospect to match multiple times in one day, but this is not available within the current functionality and is not in our immediate development plans. This would be a great feature enhancement request to share on the Idea Exchange ( Thanks!

  • Hi. Allison Cuzzort
    I posted a comment earlier today. But, it is no longer there anymore! Please advise as to why?

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