A Guide to Scoring and Grading Your Leads [INFOGRAPHIC]


Over the past few years, a lot has changed for marketers. We are dealing with more educated consumers, the number of available channels has exploded, and customer relationships are more important than ever.

However, no matter how much changes, two things will always remain the same for marketing departments: they are chronically understaffed and overworked.

With more responsibility and less resources, it is crucial for marketing departments to increase efficeincy and effectiveness wherever possible. One of the easiest way to accomplish this is to automate the scoring and grading of your leads.

The process of triaging leads can be an immensly time consuming one for marketing departments, and passing on the wrong leads to sales can waste your sales reps’ time and strain the sales and marketing relationship. We’ve put together the following infographic to help demonstrate the value of scoring and grading your leads as well as the ins and outs of a scoring platform’s capabilities. If you’re interested in learning even more, be sure to download our white paper “Automate Lead Scoring & Nurturing.”



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