Auto-save added to both email wizards

We now have an auto-save function on both the Email Template Wizard and the Send Email Wizard to keep you from losing work if you close your browser, click out of the wizard prematurely, etc.

Here is how it works:

  1. The contents of both the WYSIWYG (HTML version) and the text version of the email are saved automatically every 45 seconds while you have that screen open. This is indicated by a flash of green text saying that the content was auto-saved.
  2. Contents will remain even if you exit out of the wizard without clicking “Finish”.
  3. When you try to edit or create a new template, you will be prompted to continue the wizard or to discard it. If you continue the in-progress wizard, you will see all of your auto-saved content on the WYSIWYG step. If you discard the wizard, any auto-saved content will not be retained.

Coming soon:

  1. A note showing when the content was last auto-saved (similar to the way Google Docs handles it)
  2. A manual save button (not necessary  if you work for more than 45s but good for peace of mind)