Another Way to Test Marketing Creative

I recently stumbled upon a fun and interactive approach to testing different marketing creative.  In recent posts, I have talked a lot about the importance of testing when it comes to sources such as your landing pages or emails.  Now with this site you can take another approach to researching different options.

What it is:
Anne Holland’s Which Test Won? is a site that runs different tests on different creative.

What it does:
The site tests two versions of the same creative, to answer the question of which works best.  For example, two landing pages are shown with different “Download Now” buttons.  One version was used as the control, with a more toned down button, while the other version had a large, bright orange “Download Now” button.
As a visitor to the website, you can test your knowledge and see which version you think fared better.  After selecting your choice, you are given the actual test results of the experiment.

How it can help:
The website performs a test a week as well as the ability to view past tests.  You can use it as a fun way to test your knowledge or even as a source of some valuable tips.

I spent some time testing my own knowledge and I recommend you do as well, not only because it was fun, but also because I learned a few things.  Anne Holland offers other information as well, including multivariate testing, which is helpful when performing your own testing.  She also offers webinars and a glossary to give you more insight into the experimentation process.