Announcing the Interactive Lead Qualification Lab

You may have downloaded our white paper last week, the Complete Guide to Lead Scoring and Grading — are you ready to dive in and get a hands-on look at lead qualification with our Lead Scoring and Grading Lab?

While you may be thinking that scoring and grading might not be worthwhile for your company, we’d encourage you to think again. Here’s why.

Lead Scores and Grades: Why Should I Care?

For many companies, lead qualification is an abstract process based on marketing’s gut feeling. Does a lead seem like they might be a good fit? Why not pass it along to sales? After all, what’s the harm in passing along too many leads?

In fact, flooding your sales team with too many unqualified leads can be just as detrimental as the opposite scenario: not passing along enough leads. According to MarketingSherpa, 61% of marketers pass all leads to sales, but only 27% of those leads are qualified. In other words, 73% of the leads that sales gets from marketing are unqualified.

If you ever wonder why there’s so much fingerpointing between marketing and sales — now you know. Marketing can’t afford to have their leads dismissed by sales, and sales doesn’t want to waste time following up with leads who A) aren’t interested, B) aren’t a good fit for their product, or C) don’t meet their ideal prospect profile. This can lead to tension between the two teams, which not only impacts team morale, but also your bottom line.

The above situation is exactly why a blended lead scoring and grading model is so important for B2B businesses. For those who are new to using lead scores and grades for lead qualification, a lead score (expressed as a number) indicates a lead’s interest level, and a lead grade (expressed as a letter) shows how well that lead fits your ideal prospect profile. By using a tool like marketing automation to objectively score and grade leads based on the criteria that marketing and sales have agreed on, you can avoid much of the tension that exists between these two teams — while simultaneously improving lead quality and the efficiency of your lead management process.

Want to learn more about implementing a lead scoring and grading system at your company? Take a look at our new Lead Scoring and Grading Lab to learn more about interpreting scores and grades, along with tips and tricks for getting started. And don’t forget to check out our Complete Guide to Scoring and Grading!

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