Allow Multiple Prospects with the Same Email Address

We’re excited to announce that the “Allow Multiple Prospects with the Same Email Address” (AMPSEA for short) feature is now available for all customers who use Pardot stand-alone or connect to Salesforce CRM. With AMPSEA, Pardot Prospect records no longer need a unique email address.

This feature is really powerful when paired with Salesforce. In the past, customers who would create multiple lead and contact records for an individual, but use the same email across all records, would sometimes have unexpected sync behavior with the corresponding Pardot prospect record. With AMPSEA, customers can now maintain separate prospect records for every corresponding Salesforce lead or contact record for an individual.

AMPSEA is great for customers who sell multiple products/services and want to maintain separate records depending on which product/service the individual is interested in. Having separate Pardot prospect records tied to that individual allows more accurate tracking and better targeted marketing interactions, like providing an email promotional offer only on a specific product the individual has shown interest in.

Screenshot: Pardot can now allow you to have multiple prospects with the same email address! You have the option to enable this feature on your Pardot org. If you decide to enable this, you cannot disable it.

For customers who purchase(d) Pardot after June 14th, 2016, AMPSEA is enabled by default. For existing customers who purchased Pardot prior to June 14th, 2016, AMPSEA is not enabled by default. To access this feature, Pardot admins will see a banner on the Pardot dashboard that they can click to kick off the enablement process. Admins can also check their account settings page to see whether AMPSEA has been enabled or not. NOTE: once this feature is turned on, you CANNOT disable it, so be sure you’re ready before you enable it

For more information about AMPSEA, check out the Pardot Knowledge Base.

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  • Jerry, that is correct. The same is true if a prospect bounces or becomes unmailable for any other reason. That information will syndicate across all other prospects with the same email address. Suppression lists for recency and frequency will also match all prospects that share an email address.

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