All Leads On Deck!

Have you heard about Pardot?s latest and greatest app? LeadDeck Prospect Monitor is a nifty Adobe AIR desktop application that gives you real-time updates of all visitor and prospect activities. It runs unobtrusively in the background and notifies you of activity in the form of small pop-up alerts. LeadDeck is available free to all Prospect Insight users with a paid Pardot subscription.
Why would you want to use this app? With LeadDeck, you can:
  • See what visitors or prospects are interested in ? and almost immediately, you can respond accordingly with relevant info.
  • Look up anonymous visitors using LinkedIn or Jigsaw
  • Quickly access prospects? CRM profiles
  • Get details about a prospect?s browsing activities and real-time updates whenever there?s new activity

LeadDeck runs in the background and doesn?t interrupt your workday until there?s something new to report. All of this happens with virtually no effort from you, and you don?t even have to do a separate login!

More than anything else, the value of LeadDeck comes from the personalization of communication that it makes possible. Prospects appreciate prompt responses, and they are even more impressed when you personalize your interactions with them. It makes them feel special ? like a potential valued customer, not just another sale. Let me give you an example: One of our own salesguys was testing out LeadDeck for himself when a pop-up alerted him that one of our current clients had done a search for ?leaddeck.? Our salesguy immediately sent the just-released app to the client, who was extremely impressed. Lightning-fast responsiveness with relevant information is one of the keystones of building a successful relationship with future customers.

Make the most of Pardot and take advantage of our snazzy new LeadDeck app here.

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