Align Sales and Marketing with Sales Cloud + Pardot in Lightning

This blog is a recap of our January webinar, Align Sales and Marketing with Sales Cloud + Pardot in Lightning.

We’ve been known to talk about sales and marketing alignment a time or two ?. But really, sales and marketing alignment is what Pardot is all about. And with Pardot in the Lightning app, it’s easier than ever.

We integrated Pardot into Lightning to streamline processes and enable marketers to more effectively bring together sales and marketing. We see a lot of teams struggle to align because they’re all using separate tools, data sets, and apps — effectively speaking different languages, leading to communication breakdown.

Good news! Salesforce is in the business of building a platform experience to connect your sales and marketing teams. The Lightning app keeps teams in Sales Cloud without the need to switch between apps. No more opening Pardot in a separate window and going back and forth!

Pardot in Lightning, now featuring…

One login, all-access

Simplify user management in Salesforce.

Lightning navigation

Personalize your marketing workspace.

Salesforce campaigns

Get a 360-degree view of all marketing activities.

B2B Marketing analytics

Maximize marketing impact with insights.

See all of the great features for yourself! In our webinar, I walk through the basics of how to use Pardot in Lightning and a few of the key features, like dashboards, engagement studio, Lightning navigation, campaign record, and more. Learn how to customize and personalize your interface and use automation to save time.

Meet our friend, Stacey.

We were thrilled to be joined for our webinar by Stacey Cogswell, Salesforce and Pardot Implementation Director at JPW Consulting. JPW is a training, change management and adoption consultancy, and Stacey helps organizations of all sizes implement Salesforce and Pardot in their own companies. She’s also a Salesforce MVP, leads a community group, co-hosts a podcast, and has six different certifications in Salesforce and Pardot. Yeah, she’s kind of a big deal.

Stacey shared her own organization’s Pardot adoption journey and how the product has  transformed their business development.

Automation is your friend.

Because JPW doesn’t have dedicated sales reps, every employee shares the responsibility of business development. Before Pardot, this left room for leads to fall through the cracks.

Automation was a definite need! JPW had great success in generating leads from events. But when it came to follow up, leads could get left out in the cold. Typing out emails is time-consuming and repetitive! But with Pardot, the JPW team now sends more follow ups automatically, with no extra manpower.

The seamless integration with Sales Cloud made Pardot a natural addition to their Salesforce stack. And with Pardot in Lightning, team members have all the tools they need in one place.

I see data people.

Stacey is a self-proclaimed data junkie. Utilizing the Pardot Campaigns tool, Stacey enjoys watching the ROI come through and digging deep into campaign performance. In the webinar, Stacey details how she analyzed ROI for her presentation at the Salesforce World Tour in New York. JPW hosted several sessions, one of which was the most-attended session at the conference.

Through Pardot, Stacey’s team was able to send out follow-up messages, with careful targeting based on which session each lead attended. They also set up lead nurturing campaigns so Pardot can do the time-consuming follow-up work while JPW team members focus on the most qualified leads. Best of all, they were able to easily analyze data and monitor nurture campaign performance.

Communication is key.

Even though we work in marketing, we’re not always the best communicators — especially internally. Stacey emphasized the importance of communication between sales and marketing in order to achieve success in B2B marketing. Sales must be open about what qualifies leads, and marketing should communicate trends, behaviors, and strategies. Talking about what worked (and what didn’t!) will set your team up for success.

Check out the webinar for even more information about Pardot in Lightning and tips on how your teams can find even greater success with Pardot.