Agile Marketing – Save Your Sanity (Webinar-B2B)


Completing and deploying campaigns, modifying content, updating social media profiles and more – marketers’ worlds are beyond busy these days! It’s enough to make any normally sane marketer pull a Jekyll and Hyde every once in a while. Enter into the marketing world a new, revolutionary approach: Agile Marketing. Oh, yes. In this world, creativity and analytics have their place and balance. Trial and error is part of the process – and the process is agile.

Mathew Sweezey, Sr. Sales Manager at Pardot, explores the new world of Agile Marketing in-depth. Join us to find out how you can apply Agile Marketing to improve your marketing processes…and save your sanity!

Speaker: Mathew Sweezey, Sr. Sales Manager, Pardot
Mathew is a leading expert in marketing automation, specifically lead flow analysis and nurturing execution. His primary focus is in advanced lead nurturing workflows. He has worked with numerous lead technology companies, helping them create and execute their lead flow and nurturing processes.