Advanced Marketing: New Research Report from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services

Technology is a funny thing. The way it changes the world we live in is a bit like waking up one morning and looking at all of your most familiar things through a kaleidoscope. Your bed, your favorite chair, the books on your shelf ? they’re the same, sort of: the things themselves haven’t changed. But they’re also very different, so different you might not recognize them at first glance. Even though the settings are familiar, you have to change the way you look at these everyday things in order to find the familiarity in them again.

The changing marketing landscape is the same: technology can make it seem as though we’re looking at the buying cycle through a kaleidoscope. Becoming familiar with today’s buyers starts with putting them at the center of your marketing strategy and implementing new technologies like marketing automation and analytics to leverage their data and create a customized customer experience.

But what do you do if your organization hasn’t made the technology you need available to you? What about making sure that your team has the skills you need to manage a complex web of customer data? And what do the highest performing teams ? the advanced marketers do to set themselves apart? We wanted to know how B2B marketers were adapting to the lightning changes taking place industry-wide, so working together with the Harvard Business Review Analytics Service, we compiled a report that examines the techniques of B2B marketers across the spectrum to see how they face the challenges of a modern marketer.

Just 15% of survey respondents have widespread use of advanced tools, analytics, and practices to better leverage data in their marketing and sales efforts.