Advanced Email Analytics: Email and Subject Line Preview, Spam Analysis, Engagement and Email Tool Reporting


Pardot’s Advanced Email Analytics package expands on the built-in email marketing functionality and adds spam analysis of email content, subject line preview, and email rendering previews to see how email creative looks across a variety of clients and browsers. Two reports, Engagement Reporting and Email Client Reporting, offer insight into how your recipients read your emails and what devices or browsers they use to view them.

Advanced Email Analytics is included for Enterprise and Ultimate accounts or available as an add-on. Check with your client advocate or implementation coordinator for more information or if you would like to add it to your account.


To start a new test for spam analysis, subject line or email rending previews:

  1. Edit or create a new email template or start a new list email.
  2. Next, navigate to the “Test” step of the wizard and press “Start Tests”.
  3. You will receive an email notification when your email test is ready to be viewed.  Email tests are located under Marketing > Emails > Email Tests.

Email Rendering Preview

View screenshots of your email creative as it looks across all major email clients, browsers, and even mobile devices. You can even realistically scroll through your email on a simulated mobile device.

Subject Line Preview

View screenshots of your subject line preview as it looks in most major email clients.

Spam Analysis

Pardot tests your emails content against most major desk top and server-side spam filters, including:

Barracuda Outlook
Gmail Sender ID
GMX Sender Policy Framework SpamAssassin

When possible, Pardot not only shows your spam score, but also tries to explain why you received that score. Note that determining reasons is only possible for certain filters that send back feedback.


Two reports, Engagement Reporting and Email Client Reporting, are available as part of Advanced Email Analytics in order to give you further insight into email performance.

To access these reports, navigate to Reports > Emails > Your Desired List Email.

These reports are not retroactive and are only available for the HTML version of multi-part emails (not text only). Please note that we only report on this data in aggregate so you cannot see which of your opening prospects glanced vs. read at this time, only what percentage of each types of engagement there were.

Engagement & Activity Reporting

This report shows you data on how your recipients engage with your email. The data is collected in aggregate and available to you in percentages for easy comparison purposes.

Metric Definition
Opened Your Email Loaded Images
Skimmed Your Email Open Between 2 and 10 seconds
Read Your email Open for 10 seconds or longer
Forwarded Your Email Used the forward button in the email client rather than using a “forward to a friend” link (forwarding to more than one recipient at a time only counts as 1 forward)
Printed Your email Printed a hard copy of your email

Email Tool (Device) Reporting

This report allows you to capture and track email client usage across your mailing lists in Pardot. Any email client not on this list of 120+ email clients will be marked as “Other”. This client list could change in the future and Pardot’s code will update automatically to reflect the most up to date information and email client list.

How To Use the Email Tool Report

  • Knowing what devices or email clients your prospects use to read your emails can clue you in to where to spend your design time. If you know that almost none of your prospects use a certain client, you know not to focus your efforts there.
  • Likewise, if you see that a significant portion of your recipients open their emails on a mobile device, make sure to have a simple template, use responsive design, or include a link to a mobile version of your content.

Learn More or Upgrade

Have a few questions or want to upgrade to the Advanced Email Analytics Package? Just contact your Client Advocate or fill out our contact form to reach us.

Release History

Note: The release history of the Advanced Email Analytics package below was compiled retroactively and may not be complete.

  • February 27, 2013 – Added Engagement and Email Tool Reporting to the advanced email package that shows engagement and also the devices and email clients used by your recipients. The new reports are available on two new tabs inside of the list email report. Details.
  • October 28, 2011 – Email subject line and inbox notification previews in several major email clients added. Allowed user to see how the email subject line and from name would look prior to being opened by the recipient. Details.
  • July 13, 2010 – Email preview for mobile devices released for Advanced Email Analytics users. The rendering preview was updated to include the following mobile device previews: iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Mobile 6.5. Details.
  • June 7, 2010 – Advanced Email Analytics package First introduced as the Gold Email Package. Allowed user to see how their email looked in major email clients and browsers, along with previews of email formatting in the top email clients and browsers and the ability to see how emails look with images turned off or while in the recipient’s “preview” mode. Test your email against major spam filters and junk folders. Details.

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