Advance Your Marketing Career With Salesforce Certification

Businesses are running on Salesforce and looking for people with definitive Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Pardot skills who can help drive customer journeys and enhance customer experience. Set yourself up for success by earning a Salesforce Marketing Certification.

Why Get Certified?

Today’s marketing transformation is led by innovation, strategy, data, and amazing marketers, like you. Check out the Salesforce State of Marketing Report to learn more about the new urgency for marketing transformation. With our customers and partners, Salesforce continues to create millions of jobs around the world. According to the IDC, the Salesforce Economy will add 4.2 million new jobs between now and 2024, impacting our GDP by over $1.2 trillion dollars. Over four million jobs! Skilling up and getting certified will help you remain competitive and stand out from the crowd in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Where Should I Begin?

Learning Marketing Cloud and Pardot on the go is easier than ever using Trailhead. Trailhead offers free, fun, on-demand learning. Trailhead includes modules, projects, and trailmixes with self-paced learning paths customized by role and skill level. Think you don’t have time for learning? Learn how you want, when you want with Trailhead GO, the exclusive iOS app. Need additional explanation? Check out Trailhead LIVE where you can watch live and on-demand videos from experts on today’s most in-demand skills.

With Trailhead you can explore a Salesforce marketers’ role and the endless career potential you have with Salesforce. The Build Your Marketing Career on Salesforce trailmix will get you started if you are new to marketing with Salesforce.

For a deeper dive into Salesforce marketing solutions take a look at Trailhead Academy. Trailhead Academy delivers in-person and virtual training around the globe.

I’m Ready to Get Certified!

Salesforce certification resources are right at your fingertips on Trailhead. Learn what marketing certifications Salesforce offers, review exam guides, and register for your exam on Trailhead. Watch this video to get all of your burning certification questions answered.

Get help and inspiration from other Trailblazers like you in the Trailblazer Community. Explore events and local Community Groups where you can prepare for your exam, find a study buddy, and give back to others in the community.

What’s Next?

Beyond certification, keep learning. New marketing content can be found on Trailhead constantly. You can continue networking and apply for a mentor through Trailblazer Connect while looking for jobs in the Salesforce ecosystem. Showcase your new skills on your reinvented resume on, one unified profile that provides a single view of your Salesforce skills and credentials.

The opportunities are endless.

Sound too good to be true? Watch how Salesforce and Trailhead have transformed these Trailblazers’ lives.

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