AddThis Integration (Social Sharing) for Emails

Pardot’s email builder includes an AddThis plugin to help make your emails more social. AddThis is a leading social sharing platform and allows people to spread your messaging via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and dozens of other social networks.

Prospects that click on these links in your message can share the content of your email through their own social media accounts (ex: Tweet a link to an online version of your email). There is no need to edit or update the URLs for the AddThis buttons; the share functionality is built-in.

Note: These links do not direct prospects to your own social media websites. They look similar to icons often used for this but this is not their native functionality. However, if you would like to use the AddThis icons to direct people to your company’s social media sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter), you can with some tweaks. See Adding Social Media Icons To Email for “Follow Us” Functionality.

How to include AddThis in emails

  • Navigate to Marketing > Emails > New Email Template
  • Follow the email template wizard.
  • In Step 2 Content: 
    • Double click the area of content that you would like to edit in the HTML Content.
    • Click on the AddThis plugin (orange plus-sign button).


Clicking the AddThis plugin icon will insert the sharing icons in a pre-configured arrangement with links to email a friend, share on Twitter, update status on LinkedIn, and post on Facebook.

The AddThis functionality is included with the icons — no additional set up or configuration is required. This is the default setup but you can also customize images or links.

AddThis for Pardot Emails

Example of sharing via Twitter

AddThis Sharing on Twitter

Example of sharing via Facebook

AddThis Sharing on Facebook

Example of sharing via Email (Forward to a Friend)

AddThis Sharing via Email
Note: The “friends” are not reported to Pardot as they go through the AddThis servers and there is no way for Pardot to know what was entered. You will be able to see how many times the Forward to a Friend link was clicked within your email report like any other email link.

Customizing Icons

If you would like to use your own icons or text links, you can instead simply insert variable tags for the different dynamically generated sharing URLs. The URLs are switched in for the following variables:

  • %%addthis_url_email%%
  • %%addthis_url_facebook%%
  • %%addthis_url_linkedin%%
  • %%addthis_url_more%%
  • %%addthis_url_twitter%%

Note: “AddThis” uses %% tags that create url parameters when the live email is sent. You will receive an error message if you are looking at this within an email proof. You can read more about Testing Live Emails with variable tags in this article.

Customizing Description

To establish the exact description that your shared post will bring in, simply add a <meta> tag with a description to the HTML of your email. Insert the following anywhere above the </head> tag, replacing Free Web Tutorials in this example with the description text that you would like to be shared:

<meta name=”description” content=”Free Web tutorials” />