Adding Social Media Icons To Email for “Follow Us” Functionality

Pardot’s AddThis feature’s primary functionality for emails is to allow prospects to share your content through their own social media accounts (ex: Tweet a link to an online version of your email). However, the AddThis feature can be tweaked to add links to your company’s social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn pages).

These social media images are the same icons that many companies like to include in emails to encourage their prospects or clients to follow them on various social media sites. For example, you could include a link to encourage your prospects to become a fan of your company’s Facebook page.

Note: This is not the out-of-the-box functionality for the AddThis feature in Pardot.

When set up for this, the email recipient can click on the icon to link to the social media site or specific webpage.

To add the “Follow Us” functionality:

  • Navigate to Marketing > Emails > New Email Template.
  • Follow the steps to create your email template.
  • In Step 2 Content:
    • Click the red plus button (AddThis) to insert the AddThis icons in your email template.
    • Click on one of the social media icons, which have been placed in the email.


    • Click the Insert/edit link button (it looks like a chain).
    • Replace the variable tag in the Link URL field with the link to the appropriate social media site for your company.

See also Inserting Images Into Email Templates and Landing Pages for how to use other social media images.