Add Rating Stars to your Lead and Contact layouts


It is possible to use a star rating as another visual aspect of the quality of  your lead or contact in  It is handled through a custom field on both of the layouts.  When complete, it will look something like this:

To set this field up, you will first need to create a formula custom field in To achieve this, take the following steps:

    1. Click Setup in the top navigation.
    2. Click Customize in the resulting left navigation.
    3. Click Leads (or contacts if you are doing that layout) to expand the navigational menu.
    4. Click on Fields and then scroll down and click on new lead/contact custom field.
    5. Set the type as Formula
    6. Make the Formula return type as Text and field type as Lead.  Add the following formula:
IF(pi__score__c<1, "/img/samples/stars_000.gif",
IF(pi__score__c<50, "/img/samples/stars_100.gif",
IF(pi__score__c<100, "/img/samples/stars_200.gif",
IF(pi__score__c<150, "/img/samples/stars_300.gif",
IF(pi__score__c<200, "/img/samples/stars_400.gif",

Once this has been done, save and add to the layout for the record type.  You can do the same for the contact after you have completed the lead record type.


This example is based on the prospect score, but you can have this run on any field in For example, you could change it to mimic the grade or a status field. You would just need to change the formula and the field it is matching.