Active B2B Buyers Binge Before They Buy

When a B2B buyer has a major purchase to make, they binge.

It’s like Netflix. The new season of House of Cards or Orange is the New Black comes out, and you binge. You find something you like and binge on it.

B2B buyers demonstrate a similar behavior. When a buyer has a major purchase to make they read everything. They download your white papers, watch your videos, search your blog, and Google your brand. They binge on everything!

In the buying cycle the binge is triggered by a fear response. A customer will try to mitigate some of their purchase risk by getting informed. Binging on content is like putting on armor. The more you know, the more secure you feel.

This is a golden opportunity, because you can create a competitive advantage by facilitating the binge.

Facilitate the Binge

Customers are looking for three types of content when they binge:

Product / Service Overview
The last thing anyone wants is another sales pitch. They want the facts. In simple, clear language explain your products and services, what they do, how they work, and what to expect. On your website give the customer everything a salesperson would present in a demo.

The mantra here is to make your website sell as well as your best salesperson.

Publishing your pricing on your website can be controversial, but customers are learning to expect it. This practice has extended from consumer-oriented industries to B2B brands. B2B pricing can be complex, but it is powerful to share your rate card online. It drives velocity into your sales funnel by your prospects self-qualify. Why waste your salespeople’s time giving quotes to leads without appropriate budget?

How To Content
In the binge your customers are working to educate themselves. They are sponges for knowledge and they love “how to” content.

Wistia, for example, does a great job educating its customers. Visit their Library and you will find tons of how to content: how to animate your logo, how to choose a backdrop for your video, how to look natural in front of the camera. Wistia publishes oodles of content on how to be successful with video.

What do your customers want to know and learn when they’re buying? Use your how to content to answer all of these questions. While you’re at it, link that content with your Product and Pricing pages.

Social Proof Your Brand

You know your customers are not going to take your website at face value. They’re going to Google your brand to validate it’s as good as you say it is. So give them content to find.

This is where your social media, public relations, and influencer marketing can generate a ton of value. It creates a halo around your brand in search engines with articles, reviews, and proof statements that your brand is credible.

Many B2B companies struggle with social media, because they want Facebook and LinkedIn to generate leads. Social media might not be the best place to generate leads, especially for a B2B brand. Rather, shift your objectives. Instead of using social media to generate leads, use it to generate social proof.

Automate the Binge

Marketing automation is one of the neatest opportunities to support the B2B binge, because it eliminates the “get lucky” factor.

Rather than making your customers hunt for information on your website and Google, you can use automation and nurturing to facilitate the binge. This shifts your content marketing strategy from “publish and pray” to driving for next steps.

For example, a salesperson should always ask “What are the next steps?” at the end of each meeting. The same is true with your content. At the bottom of each page in your website ask the question, “What’s next?” Integrate dynamic offers based on what you know about your visitors.

With a simple question you can identify the tactics to facilitate the binge. You might drive the customers to a white paper or a video, or you might connect them to a salesperson. But your goal is to rapidly give your customer everything they need to make a sound purchase decision.

Have you noticed the content binging trend at work in your sales cycle?

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