Activate Your Marketing Process Plan with Marketing Automation (Webinar-B2B)


Today, a marketer’s initiative list is ever-evolving. With so many marketing avenues and content resources, as well as the additional challenges of tracking prospect activities and campaigns, marketers need a way to establish a solid plan, implement that plan and produce results. Is it possible to bring all of these efforts together and produce the results that marketers are striving to achieve? You bet! Marketing automation gives marketers the edge and the answer.

In this informative webinar, join us as Adam Dewey, Sr. Sales Manager at Pardot, walks us through the secrets of utilizing marketing automation to:

  • Identify marketing means and approaches that will benefit your company
  • Create a campaign process that will reach your specific, targeted prospect audience
  • Learn how the alignment of sales and marketing efforts creates effective, revenue-generating company results

Speaker: Adam Dewey, Sr. Sales Manager, Pardot