Ability to select all prospects in the entire table and perform batch actions

We have always had the ability to select an entire page of a prospect table but held off on allowing the selection of the entire table (potentially tens or hundreds of thousands of prospects depending on the table) due to potential mistakes with mass updates and batch actions. We thought about the safest possible way to implement this and think we have a good solution that is very similar to what some of Google’s tools use.

You first select everything on the table’s present page using the checkbox in the top left. You wil then see a line of text saying: “Select all ___ prospects in this table” (this is very similar to what Gmail does when you select all emails on the screen). If you click that message the system will then tell you that “All ___ prospects have been selected” and offer you a link to undo this selection if you would like to unselect them. You will also notice that the bottom bar of the table will indicate how many records are currently selected and it will prompt you to confirm before it carries out any batch actions on the prospects.

Since it is now possible to accidentally delete many prospects at once, we have also included the same functionality with an “Undelete all” multi action in the prospect recycle bin, which can be filtered by deleted date.

Select All Prospects

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