Ability to edit opportunity’s Pardot campaign and see detailed audits

Edit Pardot Campaign for Opportunities

Pardot automatically assigns a Pardot Campaign to opportunities that you pull from salesforce.com or SugarCRM (you would set opportunity campaigns manually or via our API if you use another CRM) based on the campaign of the primary prospect associated with the opportunity. You can now edit this campaign if you feel that some other marketing initiative should really receive credit for the opportunity and potential revenue. Simply click the Change link next to the campaign to edit it inline.

Edit Opportunity Campaign

Opportunity Audits

You can also now see much more detailed audits about how an opportunity record has changed. Pardot displays the previous and new values for any change as well as who or what was responsible (e.g. a user or a CRM sync). Note that if you see a value of N/A for the responsible party, the change occurred before Pardot began this level of auditing.

Opportunity Audits