Ability to drill into form and landing page report numbers

There are a lot of stats on both the Form and Landing Page Reports, but previously the data table of prospects at the bottom of each would only display those prospects with a submission. To get a list of prospects performing other activities, you had to use automation rules.

Now you can click on the unique views, clicks and errors numbers as well as the submissions to reload the table with a list of prospects that matches the given statistic. These links exist both on the individual report page and within the list of all reports from the main report page. By default the list of prospects with form/landing page submissions will still load as before. You can still also filter by date so it would be possible, for example, to easily see a list of prospects who viewed a landing page within the past week.

Clickable Form Stats (List View)

Clickable Form Stats (Detail)


  • The statistics in the report may be higher than the number of prospects displayed above as prospects may have submitted the form multiple times, cleared cookies between submissions, have been deleted/archived, or taken the action anonymously (as visitors).